Bergamascos are intelligent and wise. They are an affectionate, loyal and devoted family member. As a herder and protector of the flock they needed to think independently which is innate to their personality.  Although initially reserved with strangers they readily accept newcomers once they sense from their master that all is well. This starts as socialization at an early age. They must be introduced to people, dogs and other animals, children and as many different safe experiences and places as possible so they will be confident. Bergamasco’s wariness of strangers, their keen sense of hearing and their deep bark makes them an excellent guard dog both in the city and on the farm.   

Bergamascos want to be with their people if possible; they will be at your feet wherever you are.  If left alone for long periods of time they will be bored and lonely and will find something to do.  They require exercise every day: a brisk walk, ball play in the backyard, sheep to herd, agility training, a long hike, a run on the beach, activity of some sort for their body and their mind. 

Once past the flocking phase at about a year and a half grooming is not hugely time consuming but does take effort.  Brushing head and neck, keeping flocks separated, cleaning ears and clipping toenails are all important.  Along with grooming one must remember that a shaggy dog of any sort is a reverse mop.  What is outside will come in!